Andrei Ciubuc is one of the members of the new wave of Romanian producers and djs, whose mission is to bring fresh air into the Romanian house & techno underground. Draganenii is his own imprint, a label that brought Kozo on its first release and has others on the pipeline by some of the artists we all hold high up but under different pseudonyms, music for music sake (watch this space!).
He is also a member of 'Backstage Boys' - a trio formed by him, Dan Andrei and Kozo in addition to the duo VRAC (himself and Vlad Radu) which saw releases on labels such as Subtil and Vera & Alexandra's Melliflow.
Ciubuc is responsible for GH002, a podcast series created by Club Guesthouse which kicked off with Rhadoo and he followed.The podcast came as a celebration of the announcement of Ciubuc becoming Guesthouse's first resident, making it the right choice for the club's programming, exploring the new, different and their belief in the quality they stand for, Ciubuc brings a very diverse mix to table, stepping out of the box in a set that was recorded on NYE at the club which can be accessed below.

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