Dubtil’s allure is growing to be something of a main attraction, although his attitude is always humble and low-profile. His DJ sets are long-awaited while his releases expose an artist with considerable studio skills, revealing seriousness and devotion.

Robert by his real name is a gifted DJ and producer. Music is his vocation and his favorite channel of expression, addressing to it in a respectful and pure manner, assets which lead him to have a distinct approach to his sound. 
From a discographic point of view, Dubtil released his first EP in 2013 as a solo artist – Oarecum EP at Metereze record label, followed by an EP at Understand, Amphia & BP Mind Series, all wearing his style signature. Playful and meticulous, his music is reflecting a huge talent and an impressive technique, skills that he constantly pushes further.

“All my music goes to my DJ sets; that’s how I share it. It becomes my personal selection because I play what I like from my tracks.” Working out beauty like a math problem instead of harnessing the wild thing it is, Dubtil teaches you his repertoire of gestures early - right from the first listen.

(Guesthouse | Amphia | Understand)
Mail to: booking@clubguesthouse.ro