Bucharest-based G76 masters the technique of creating utterly haunting, otherworldly tracks that are likely to wear down less adventurous listeners. G76 achieved and maintained a distinctive sound approach, resulting in a very original artwork, different from what we're used to hear most often nowadays.  

His style has strong alternative and polyrhythmic influences, defined by intriguing cuts that seem to appear out of nowhere, delivering overall heavy arrangements and punchy lines. While listening to his discography, you'll figure out that the only thing that's constant at G76 is his greedy need to surprise you. There is an ungainly weight to his music, while functionality or respecting specific patterns don't seem like a main concern in his artworks. G76 has grown into a unique yet encompassing mastery of sound and space, texture and tonalities: a pure spirit of experimentalism with a foundational functionality.  

To understand G76's creative output is perhaps more of a perceptive outlook onto the surroundings. The dynamic of change is the very constant that has defined the diverse artistic range in sound artistry that he has come to master in his own right. G76 has steadily carved a niche between the eyes of modern styles, persistently short-circuiting dancefloor conventions with a combination of avant-garde strategy which has lead to some of the most fascinating electronic music in recent years.

(Guesthouse | Nervmusic)
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